What is abandoned art?

Abandoned art is a work of art a previous customer has made deposits on. For some reason, the transactions was not completed. If the customer miss two consecutive payments, the purchase will be marked as abandoned immediately.  There are no late fees and no grace periods for consecutive missed payments.  If the customer has not paid for the art in full by completion date, after 15 days, the purchase will be marked as abandoned and the art will be put back on the market immediately.  If the customer choose to cancel the contract of the payment plan agreed upon, waiving interest in the art, abandoned the art, the artist is allowed to market it immediately. Once a customer cancels an order all nontransferable nonrefundable deposits will not mark down the asking price. That customer marks the work as abandoned, thus that customer will deem themselves as ineligible to purchase the art at the original price.  All deposits on custom orders are final. Please contact the the artist to work out what options are available for your specific situation if you are unable to fulfil any payment plans established.